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Beauty in a Bottle: Re:Nourish launches the UK’s first fresh, on the go, Gazpacho just in time for summer

Summer is set to be the new soup season thanks to Re:Nourish – well who else would dare be so bold?

We all want to look our best in summer, and the secret to radiant skin is apparently all in what you eat. This April, bottled soup brand Re:Nourish is launching +REFRESH Gazpacho, the UK’s first ever on the go Gazpacho in a bottle. This innovative, yet delicious bottle of goodness, that can be found in the chilled aisle of Waitrose, Planet Organic, Whole Foods or online at Ocado and +REFRESH Gazpacho is the ultimate healthy remedy to get you glowing from both the inside and out.

The key to glowing skin is as simple as a humble tomato. Not only are they refreshing, but they include the not so well-known ingredient, lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. These include sun protection and improved heart health – making it a simple solution to fresh looking skin all year round, especially in summer. +REFRESH Gazpacho is made up of 78% Spanish tomatoes – the perfect weapon to boost your skin this summer.

With the help of vitamins, A, C and E, this gazpacho helps repair damaged collagen in the skin, as well as targeting health issues like blood pressure and immunity. This clever little bottle of soup is a powerhouse of total health, jam packed with badass goodness, guaranteed to give your skin a total refresh.

Nicci Clark, expert nutritionist and founder of Re:Nourish, says:
“When people are unhappy with their skin, their first port of call is to whack a load of creams onto it to try and reverse the damage, when actually all they need to do is consider what is causing the issue in the first place. Poor skin is triggered by poor diet.

“+REFRESH Gazpacho is a totally natural remedy, jam-packed full of Spanish tomatoes, which pump the skin with goodness and give you a naturally fresh glow – all whilst tasting delicious! Adding a Spanish-style gazpacho to your diet will not only add a little fresh goodness to an average lunch, but the rich tomato content works wonders for the skin.

“At Re:Nourish, we are so excited to bring the UK’s first ever on the go Gazpacho in a bottle to the supermarket aisles. Gone are the days that soup is purely for winter. With a bottle of +REFRESH Gazpacho in hand, we want to show the people of the UK that summer is the new soup season!”

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