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Fast Food 30: How You Can Eat Fast Food And Still Lose Weight in 30 Days

Fast Food 30 combines the personal experience of a traveling executive who lost 24kg while on the move, together with data and insights gathered from people going through rapid weight loss journeys. It will be published on 12 January, available on Amazon for £7.99 with chapters available for free on

Author Liton Ali lost 24kg in six months. When talking to other people following the same regime as him, he was astonished to find that many of them were eating at fast food restaurants – and still losing weight.

Liton comments: “After years of trying to get into shape, I finally managed a dramatic transformation by understanding the science. First I needed to understand how I’d become overweight in the first place, then I learned how to change this state. When I started to study weight loss intensively and interview people going through rapid weight loss with evidence-backed systems, I was shocked to see how many included fast food – the stuff you’re not supposed to touch if you’re losing weight.”

Liton has now published a book, Fast Food 30 which is the culmination of his journey and experience. Fast Food 30 will explain the science, giving readers a practical, useful guide to lose weight whilst still being able to eat at accessible, available and economical fast food restaurants.

Chapters will cover:

  • How to navigate fast food menus and lose weight, while feeling full – it’s not all salads!
  • Which fast food dishes to avoid and which are surprisingly good for you.
  • The best and worst fast food brands overall – it’s not the ones you think!
  • How to eat on the move, while looking after your waistline and your wallet
  • And why counting calories hinders rather than helps you lose weight

Liton continues: “When you’re trying to lose weight but living a busy work and family life, it may seem that everything is working against you. Unfortunately, the food industry definitely is. This is why I’ve come up with a new survival guide to help busy people who are on the move navigate their way through the challenges of finding the right quick and easy food options for weight loss.”

Liton’s understanding of the science and content in Fast Food 30 is backed by research carried out by Limbo. Looking at over 300,000 member records of food and drink, Liton discovered that members who’ve lost the most weight consumed, on average, one fast food meal per week.


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