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Tefal and Bonne Maman launch ultimate Pancake Pack for ‘Flipping Great’ Results

Good news for pancake lovers this February, Tefal and Bonne Maman have joined forces to create the ultimate pan and jam combination allowing consumers to create perfect pancakes every time.

The Pancake Pack from fan favourites Tefal and Bonne Maman includes:

  • A beautifully designed limited edition non-stick pancake pan with a Bonne Maman themed illustration on the back and even etched in the surface of the pan
  • A curated selection of Bonne Maman fan favourites jams in miniature including Bitter Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Conserve and Apricot Conserve

By using Tefal’s thermo-signal, consumers will be able to identify the perfect heat to cook the ultimate well-cooked crêpes, which will require no oil thanks to the pan’s non-stick properties.

Anyone looking to get their hands on one of the Tefal and Bonne Maman Pancake Packs will be able to do so in Sainsbury’s across the UK, where the product will be available exclusively as long as stocks last.

Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Cookware Marketing Manager at Tefal, said: “Tefal is the “go to” non-stick frying pan brand for Pancake Day thanks to its thermo-signal feature that goes red at 180 degrees to let you know that the pan is at a perfect cooking temperature for fluffy pancakes, which will taste amazing with Bonne Maman spreads and toppings.” 

For delicious pancake recipes and topping inspiration, consumers are also invited to visit the free Tefal app to enjoy a host of tasty recipes.

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