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Chef Danièl Rougè Madsen endorses Ingredifind

A top Norwegian chef, Danièl Rougè Madsen, has been appointed as an official ambassador for Ingredifind – the revolutionary technology platform developed to assist restaurants in empowering people with food allergies and dietary preferences.

“There are 150 million Europeans living with food allergies and they need to be able to trust that a dish they order in a restaurant is going to be safe to eat,” says Madsen. “As an ambassador for Ingredifind, I’m proud to support a platform that enables restaurants to provide safe and enjoyable dining experiences for everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions,” says Madsen.

“The restaurants who join Ingredifind care about diners’ safety,” says Ingredifind CEO Mark White, who founded the company following a personal experience related to food allergies and the obstacles sufferers face at restaurants. “They care about being transparent. There is that respect for their customers.”

About Ingredifind 

Ingredifind is a leading platform for diners with dietary preferences and food allergies. Its mission is to make dining out safer and more accessible for everyone. With innovative technology, Ingredifind enables restaurants to provide accurate ingredient information so that diners with specific dietary needs can make informed choices. At Ingredifind is committed to creating a world where everyone can enjoy delicious meals without compromising their health or beliefs.

To sign up for the app, please click here.
About Danièl Rougè Madsen

Danièl Rougè Madsen has worked in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, including the three-star Michelin Waterside Inn and the two-star Michelin Le Moulin. He has also cooked for royalty, presidents, and celebrities, including Liz Hurley, Chris Rea, Jeremy Irons, and Cliff Richard.

In addition to his culinary achievements, Danièl has co-authored the “Best Cookbook of 2012” in Norway and has hosted several TV shows, including presenting a cooking show with Gordon Ramsey and sharing a public speaking platform with Rene Redzeip, founder of the widely acclaimed Noma.

The award-winning chef is renowned for bringing Norwegian gastronomy to worldwide attention and has pulled in more than 100 million viewers worldwide on TV and YouTube to date. As an ambassador for, Danièl supports the platform’s mission to enable restaurants to provide customised digital menus that allow customers to filter dishes confidently for food allergies and preferences.

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