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2024 Food & Drink Trends: A Taste of What’s to Come

As we approach the new year, The Mixer, a one-stop destination for quality cocktail making, has delved into Pinterest data to discover the most captivating food and drinks trends that are expected to take centre stage in 2024.

From at-home coffee stations to vintage grandpa drinks, these predictions offer a sneak peek of emerging themes for the coming year, capturing the very essence of consumer lifestyle preferences.

A Taste Of Paradise

According to Pinterest, popular food and drinks will get the tropical treatment in 2024, with Boomers and Gen Z driving this escapist aesthetic for dreamy island living.

During Q3, Pinterest searches showed an increased appetite for all things fruity, including: pineapple mocktails +70%, crushed pineapple upside down cake +50%, coconut aesthetic +35% and Hawaiian traybake chicken +35%.

This chimes with The Mixer’s recent Christmas cocktail survey which revealed that the majority of Brits (52%) were opting to drink tropical drinks over the festive period, including pina coladas and daiquiris.

Fast Food Fusions

2023 has seen some interesting viral food trends which show a unique and exciting twist on familiar dishes by mashing up two different cuisines.

Pinterest analytics reveal that this experimental food fusion is on the rise for 2024. Most popular with Gen X and Boomers, fast food fusion searches include: pizza pie +55%, gummy kebabs +170%, carbonara ramen +165%, cheeseburger tacos +255% and burger quesadilla +80%.

To enhance the flavour combination, experts at The Mixer suggest pairing these mash up meals with some refreshing cocktails such as the Michelada, a classic Mexican beer cocktail, or a zesty lime Margarita.

Espresso Yourself

Pinterest predicts at-home coffee stations for the win in 2024, especially with the cost of living meaning we have to cut back on weekly costs such as takeaway drinks.

Boomers and Gen X are keen to create a cafécore atmosphere in their own homes, searching Pinterest for a variety of related terms including: coffee bar styling +1,125%, chalk sign ideas +100%, café chalkboard +50%, coffee station décor +145%, kafe aesthetic +820%.

Cocktail lovers can transform their coffee station into a home bar with the right glassware and tools, finishing the evening with a kick by mixing up delicious after-dinner coffee cocktails.

Grandpa Drinks

According to Pinterest, the grandpa aesthetic is set to grow in popularity in 2024, with Gen Z and Boomers hoping to bring eccentric elements to their lifestyle with increased searches for grandpa core +65% and Grandad style +60%.

This is reflected in the current grandpa drinks trend, with a surge in demand for tipples such as eau-de-vie, vermouth, liqueur, cognac and absinthe. These old school drinks have been dusted off and brought up to date by bartenders, taking pride of place at the front of the counter after having been forgotten for a long time.

Retro Kitchen

Pinterest predicts that in 2024, Gen X and Boomers will spruce up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and bright pops of paint. A growing fascination with the kitsch aesthetic is clear, with searches including: Eclectic kitchen décor +50% Kitschy kitchen +75% Green kitchen paint +55% Eccentric kitchen +160% Retro pink kitchens +40%.

Experts at The Mixer recommend serving classic retro party food to fit with the theme, including cheese fondue with sliced baguette for dipping, individual glasses of prawn cocktail and foil-covered ‘hedgehogs’ with skewers of cheese and pineapple. ’70s layered drinks are also back in style; serve a Tequila Sunrise or Harvey Wallbanger in hurricane glasses to really impress your guests.

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