From critical care nurse to soup-erstar CEO: meet Nicci Clark, founder of disruptive soup brand Re:Nourish

With a critical care nurse background, knowing just how important it is to eat nutritious food to lead a healthy lifestyle, Nicci Clark was compelled to start a brand that would make a difference to the nation’s health. After becoming a qualified nutritionist, Clark started ‘Nourished’ in 2010, a pioneering diet company specialising in nutritionally balanced fresh meals delivered direct to customers’ door. However, it soon became apparent that her fresh healthy soups were something her customers wanted to enjoy even after their health programme had finished.

Following this success, Clark headed to the US to learn more about the culinary landscape, where she soon discovered ‘souping’. An increasingly popular food trend amongst health-conscious Americans as an alternative way of getting nutrients in without the high-sugar content of juicing and thought the concept of on-the-go soups could be perfect for Brits with busy lifestyles. Armed with a wealth of nutritional knowledge and inspiration under her belt her innovative soup brand, Re:Nourish was born.

In 2018, with fire in her belly but without means to launch the brand, Clark had to make the hardest financial decision of her life, selling the family home to launch Re:Nourish. Clark faced a series of rejections from banks before making the courageous move to sell her family home and back herself to launch Re:Nourish, which is now valued at £14M in its second year of trading.

Award winning Re:Nourish soups all have a health function. From her bestselling “Immunity” – Kale Spinach and Turmeric which is packed full of vitamins to “Digest” – Roasted Carrot & Ginger which is good for the gut. All her soups are also packed with natural vitamins, fibre and protein as well as being easy for the body to digest. Clark wants people to make a connection between eating well and feeling well. Less processed high sugary foods which often cause health issues later on.

Passionate about innovation and the environment too, Clark developed the world’s first microwavable bottle for soup which allows consumers to eat Re:Nourish either hot or cold, from a bottle that can be opened, re-sealed and put back in a bag, without being too hot to handle. The Re:Nourish bottles are carbon neutral and fully recyclable – including cap, label and bottle; meaning consumers really can eat a nutritious meal on the go without compromising on the environment.

In November 2021, Re:Nourish secured a £2,000,000 investment as part of its global expansion initiative, marking a major milestone in the story of the innovative UK soup brand. Re:Nourish has grown a staggering 248%* over the last year thanks to a track record in disrupting the category with game-changing nutritious soups that can be heated and drunk straight from the microwaveable bottle. The investment will be used to spearhead the latest launches from Re:Nourish into the Middle East, Far East and other territories. The brand is the first fresh soup brand to launch into Dubai and Doha, as well as Hong Kong, this past year.

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