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Nory unveils Nory Pay, the automated hospitality payroll solution

LONDON, 30th January 2024: Nory, the AI-powered operating system for hospitality businesses, today announces the launch of Nory Pay – an automated payroll solution designed to transform payroll management for hospitality businesses. Part of Nory’s dynamic Workforce Management feature, Nory Pay takes on the management of the entire payroll process and seamlessly handles everything from employee setup and enrollment to payroll processing, tax management, pension enrolment and payslip issuance.

Nory Pay is specifically designed for the hospitality sector to remove the burden of managing and growing a payroll function in-house. This includes handling all reporting with HMRC and the Irish Revenue Commissioners in real-time to ensure key deadlines are met and all filings are completed correctly.

The software itself is intuitive, as managers create individual employee files to record salaries, benefits, holidays and pensions in one place, improving the efficiency of day-to-day payroll management. Operators can seamlessly reward employees for hard work, skill development, and achieving targets to enhance the overall employee experience. Users also benefit from quick and effective support via the 24/7 query management team.

Conor Sheridan, founder and CEO of Nory said: “We’re pumped to unveil Nory Pay in partnership with Outmin. It’s going to be a game-changer in hospitality payroll management. Traditional payroll functions are very people and admin heavy. The more venues you open, the higher the cost and time associated with paying your teams. Nory Pay turns that on its head. We’re automating the entire employee journey and offering a much better employee experience – all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional outsource/in-house payroll office.”


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