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Restaurant known for its beefburgers and fried chicken brings in new vegan offering to cater for plant-based diners

A RESTAURANT popular for its burgers and fried chicken has launched a new menu with a huge vegan offering.

Koop+Kraft is well-known for its beef and cheeseburgers, meat-based sides, as well as its many different fried chicken dishes.

But the Cowplain bar and restaurant has launched a more eco and animal-friendly menu, featuring a large proportion of plant-based meals.

The new menu has eight vegan burgers, with the majority of beefburgers now available with vegetarian and plant-based alternatives, as well as teriyaki cauliflower, an animal-friendly take on the popular teriyaki chicken wings.

The majority of sauces are now vegan, as well as the newest addition to the menu – tater tots.

Founder George Purnell introduced the options after hearing feedback from customers that they would like to see more vegetarian and vegan meals.

He said: ‘This year especially, we’ve seen so many people adopt a plant-based lifestyle, it is something that is becoming increasingly popular and we’re ensuring that we adapt with that and provide more options to people that are vegetarian and vegan.

‘Although we’re known for our beefburgers and dishes loaded in bacon and cheese, it’s important that people who don’t eat meat can come and enjoy food which is just as nice, with lots of options. Too many places have one or two vegan options and it just isn’t fair on people whose diets restrict their options.

As well as being more environmentally conscious, the new menu is also supporting an important local cause.

Selected items from both the food and drinks menus will include a donation of £1 to Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) – a Cosham-based charity which provides support to people affected by cancer, through charity football matches and other events.

Ray Ogilvie, events coordinator at the charity said the team was very grateful for the support.

He said: ‘We are Incredibly lucky and grateful for the partnership we have built with Koop+Kraft over the past few years. They have supported us with a platform to thank some of our amazing fundraisers and supporters with free meals and now with ways to support us financially via their menu choices and cocktails.

‘I’ll be there on Sunday with my family and friends and no doubt be selecting the FFC options when choosing my meal.’

George said: ‘Choosing FFC as our charity to support was a no-brainer for us. Ray and the team work so hard and genuinely make such a huge difference to peoples’ lives.

Hopefully we can give them a little bit of extra support to ensure they can continue doing that.’

You can book a table at or order through the Koop+Kraft app.

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