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Stirling Distillery Offering Exclusive Whisky Tasting

The Distillery are offering first tastings of their new make spirit

Stirling Distillery have announced that they will offer their whisky cask club members an exclusive tasting of the first run of their new-make whisky after production started at the beginning of October.

Whisky hasn’t been produced in Stirling for 171 years after the original Stirling distillery closed its doors. The family-run distillery began production of their first new-make spirit on October 3rd after years producing award-winning gin and gin liqueurs.

The first tastings from the batch have been extremely successful and well received. The liquid has not yet been matured but has already developed an excellent taste in its clear form. Cask Club members will get a chance to taste the liquid they have invested in before it goes into the casks for aging.

The exclusive whisky tasting will be available at Stirling Whisky Festival. This annual event is part of Stirling SpiritFEST which kicks off on Friday 27th October and runs for 10 days. Co-founder of the distillery Cameron McCann spoke about his excitement with the initial taste:

“I’m really excited about how the new make spirit tastes. It has a great soft flavour with a fair bit of maltiness. We’re all looking forward to see how this evolves in casks”.

The first releases of Stirling whisky will be ready in late 2026 at the earliest, followed by their VI Casks for King James limited edition six bottle set in 2027. Only 300 of these rare bottles will be filled and released biannually over three years. By purchasing a set, whisky enthusiasts will join the distillery’s Cask Club, giving them first refusal on all limited and first release whiskies along with other member benefits. More details can be found on their website.


About Stirling Distillery

Stirling Distillery, established in 2015, is steeped in Scottish history. Located in the shadow of Stirling Castle, central Scotland, it is the city’s first legal distillery. Offering a range of award-winning gins and whiskies celebrating Stirling’s rich history, the distillery is open daily for gin experiences, tastings and a weekly gin school.

 Spirit from the heart of Scotland.


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