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Pact Coffee launches in Whole Foods Market

UK speciality coffee roaster Pact Coffee has expanded its presence on shelves with the launch of its whole beans, ground coffee and Nespresso® compatible pods into all Whole Foods Market stores.

Customers can choose from Bourbon Cream, Fruit & Nut, and a single-origin ‘microlot’ coffee from Rwanda.

Pact Coffee was founded in 2012. It’s since operated with the company mission to improve the lives of talented smallholder farmers by bringing speciality coffee to its UK customers.

It was available only in cafés, offices, and through its online store and subscriptions until October 2023, when it launched in Waitrose stores.

The company’s coffee is 100% speciality-grade and is scored a minimum of 84 points from 100 by professional taste testers.

Pact Coffee’s CEO, Paul Turton, said: “We’re thrilled to launch in Whole Foods’ London high street stores, bringing visibility to some of the world’s outstanding coffee farmers.

“We operate differently from other roasters, in that we form long-term relationships with farmers over years.

“This means that every bag of coffee we sell on Whole Foods shelves makes a significant difference at the coffee’s origin. By buying Pact Coffee, Whole Foods customers are proving to these farmers that there’s a sustainable future for them in farming great-quality coffee.”

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