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Pact Coffee launches spring 2024 collection

Speciality roaster Pact Coffee has launched two new ethically sourced and 100% speciality grade coffees as part of its spring collection.

The new coffees include Fazenda Prazeres – a comorting, full-bodied dark roast with creamy notes of toffee and raisin. The natural coffee’s rich and decadent flavours offer the ideal balance of warmth and depth, making it perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

Also new for spring is Mushonyi – a juicy, fruity light roast with uplifting notes of blackcurrant and raspberry.

The Fazenda Prazeres and Mushony spring coffees are both available in ground and wholebean, and as 125g and 250g tins.

Pact Coffee’s new spring collection also features high quality brewing equipment, available in pastel shades and as a money-saving bundles.

Coffee lovers can pick up 250g of spring coffee in a beautifully designed tin and the ultimate three-cup stove-top brewing tool – a Bialette Moka Pot in blue, pink, green or cream – for £47.95, saving themselves more than £20 on the total price of the items when bought separately.

Customers can also save on a Fellow Carter Move Mug and 125g tin of spring coffee with Pact Coffee’s On-The-Move Set. Perfect for putting in your backpack for a day out, Fellow’s leak-proof Move Mug retains heat for 12 hours, and its ceramic interior keeps people’s drinks free from oils, odours and those ‘old penny’ flavours.

View and shop the full spring collection online at

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