The Gullah people from Charleston are famous for making delicious meals made with Love.

Palmetto Blend and Gullah Recipes was founded in 2018, and has been providing quality products to the public ever since. Located in the Gullah Capital City of Charleston, SC we are dedicated to bringing you all kinds of awesome products and programs from the Gullah community.

Chef Darren Campbell was born and raised in Charleston, SC. He grew up listening to traditional spirituals sung by family members in an old Holiness church that his great grandparents from Edisto Island, SC. started. Darren grew up eating in his grandmother’s kitchen. The Gullah people are famous for making delicious meals made with Love. “Whatever she cooked you could almost guarantee that it tasted great and was seasoned to perfection.”

Palmetto Blend celebrates the rich Gullah tradition by combining the perfect measurements of seven All-Natural Spices into a wonderful blend for all your seasoning needs. If taste matter and flavour is important then try Palmetto Blend. It’s an all- in-one seasoning that can be used as a salt substitute or as an additive when you need to add extra flavour. It contains less than half the sodium as table salt. Palmetto Blend is all Natural with No Artificial Preservatives. Palmetto Blend is Kosher, GF, and contains No MSG and No Allergens. It also contains no anti caking agents so shake before use. Purchase directly online.

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