Fitbakes offers up a slice of the business with crowdfund

Healthy baked snack brand Fitbakes has announced its crowdfund campaign this week.

The money raised will support the future growth of the healthy yet indulgent baked goods which are low sugar and high protein. The crowdfund comes after the company secured a top listing in 1000 Tesco stores to be included as part of their meal deal offering later this year. The brand is also listed in Co-op and Selfridges.

Fitbakes was founded in 2018 by nutritionist Ella Rauen-Prestes, who grew the business from her kitchen table through online sales before moving into retail. In the first quarter of 2021 the brand took in £100k of online sales alone.

Ella said, “The UK has the largest baking goods market in the world, valued at £8bn, and until Fitbakes launched, there wasn’t a healthy alternative. We are the only indulgent cake compliant to the new government HFSS policy, meaning that from April 2022, no other brand in the aisle might be able to advertise or promote in store.

“Our cakes have 90% less sugar, 60% less calories and 200% more protein than leading cake brands, and have no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings.

“To be listed in major multiple retailers and be a prominent alternative in the snacking and meal deal aisle not only makes business sense but it’s going to be beneficial for those looking for a healthier but tasty snack option.”

The crowdfunding campaign can be found at

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