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Luxury boxed wine brand Laylo launches sustainable Provence-style Rosé

New luxury boxed wine brand Laylo has launched their Lot #4 Rosé Méditerranée IGP as the perfect and sustainable option for summer parties, picnics with friends and garden BBQs.

With the eye-catching design based on a favourite vintage scarf, it evokes the timeless glamour of the French Riviera. Customers who look closely will spot golden suns and crescent moons in the gold detailing – a nod to the grapes ripened in the Mediterranean sunshine, then harvested under moonlight to preserve their crisp elegance.

Laylo’s delicate, pale Rosé is made from 100% Grenache grapes grown in the UNESCO protected Luberon National Park, where winemakers are required to demonstrate sustainable techniques, to preserve the area’s rich natural habitats. Here the vines soak up the Southern French sunshine, while the high altitude keeps the grapes cool enough to preserve their delicate, red fruit flavours for the popular Provence style wine.

The eco-friendly boxed packaging also generates 90% less carbon than the equivalent wine in glass bottles so not only does it look great on your table, it is also kinder to the planet.

Co-founder Laura Riches says: “We were passionate to find Laylo customers a rosé that combined sustainable high quality, traditional winemaking with joyful holiday vibes. With sales of rosé wine up 250% so far this year (1), it is a firm summer favourite amongst UK drinkers – and the classy Provence style is the most popular choice.”

Co-founder Laura Rosenberger says: “With foreign travel trickier than usual, we hope that this little gem brings some Provence sunshine to summer get-togethers – or quiet moments with a good book!”

The Lot #4: Rosé Méditerranée is exclusively available at for £33.99 per 2.25L box (equivalent 3 bottles) including free next day delivery.

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