Wild Eve Launches Wild Eve Recipe No. 1

Award winning Apothecary and herbalist, Amanda Saurin, is excited to announce the launch of her long anticipated organic botanical infusion drink, Wild Eve Recipe no 1. This innovative, small batch non-alcoholic drink is hand crafted from an exclusive selection of organic flowers, fruits, leaves, and seaweeds, hand foraged on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The carefully blended botanicals assist to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and invite calm through the innate properties of the plants.

Incomparable to anything else on the market, Wild Eve is well thought out, rich and as intense as a really good alcoholic drink. It has heat, length, and real complexity with that moreish desire to keep on sipping. With the most extraordinary set of plants at the team’s disposal from mountain, machair
meadow and sea, Amanda has used her learning from years of thinking, testing and coming to understand the best ways of extracting flavour, to craft her ‘magic in a bottle.’ It draws on decades of acquiring plant knowledge, understanding plant medicine and a theory that plants, like essential oils for perfumery, can be categorised into top, middle and base notes to construct something really exciting.

Everything you taste in Wild Eve is pure plant, which is important not only because it means it is low in sugar, but plants offer the vitality and complexity that commercial extracts cannot. It’s only through
the use of the actual plant that you can extract the full taste and active ingredients.

Wild Eve is available to buy at, £32, 50cl.

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