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AVAILABLE NOW: Isle of Barra Distillers Launch a Brand-New Island Dark Rum

The connection between Isle of Barra Distillers’ island home and the expansive ocean that surrounds, inspired the launch of the new Island Dark Rum. Strong, bold and rustic, much like the rocky east coastline, whilst the finish is as smooth as the fine golden sands found on the West side, together fully representing the roots and extraordinary surroundings of the Isle of Barra.

Isle of Barra Distillers ensure the Island Dark Rum is rich and full of island maritime notes and flavour by utilising the key botanical, carrageen seaweed, which the brand is famed for, hand-harvested from the shores of Barra. The carrageen is infused alongside coconut, cardamon, cloves, lemon and orange peel. On the nose, coconut and clove present first, shortly followed by a crisp maritime freshness. To taste, coconut and brown sugar flavour with a clean and dry mouth feel, while the finish provides the complex warmth of cardamom.

Available now from Isleofbarradistillers.com, £35.

70cl, 38% ABV.

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