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Dine in Style – Unveiling the Latest Trends in Restaurant Menu Covers for 2024

Wednesday 17 January, 2024

As the restaurant industry evolves, the first impression made on diners becomes increasingly crucial. In 2024, the trend is about presenting menus in stylish, innovative, and sustainable covers that reflect a restaurant’s ethos and enhance the dining experience. Smart Hospitality Supplies, a well-known name in the hospitality industry, is currently exploring the latest trends for food and drink menu covers.

Sustainable Elegance in Menu Cover Manufacturing

Leading the charge in 2024 is the push towards sustainability. Restaurants are now opting for eco-friendly menu covers made from recycled materials. Hydra Recycled Leather Menus is a testament to this trend, offering a luxurious leather grain texture made entirely from recycled leather. This option appeals to the environmentally conscious and adds a touch of sophistication to the dining experience.

Menu Cover Design Incorporating Natural Textures

This year sees a surge in the use of natural materials. Cork Menu Covers are becoming increasingly popular for their unique textures and environmental friendliness. These covers offer a range of textures and colours, bringing an earthy, warm feel to the table setting.

A Luxurious Touch for Your Restaurant Guests

Restaurants are also gravitating towards high-end materials to make a statement. Saddle Hide Leather Menu Covers are crafted from 100% pure saddle hide leather, offering a flexible, strong, and luxurious option. These covers are available in multiple colours and can be fully personalised to suit any restaurant’s branding.

Modern Dining – Contemporary, Clean & Chic

The Acero Menu Covers are at the forefront for a modern, sleek look. They feature a wood-effect texture, pattern, and luxurious suede-like feel. Available in multiple colours, these covers fit perfectly in contemporary dining settings and can be easily cleaned with disinfectant, ensuring both style and hygiene.

Timeless Classics, Traditional Menus Are Still Leading the Way

The timeless charm of classic designs continues to hold sway. Bonded Leather Menu Folders, made from high-end bonded leather, come in multiple grain textures and stunning colours. These covers are luxurious and hard-wearing and offer a sense of traditional classiness.

In 2024, the restaurant menu cover landscape has evolved to encompass a harmonious fusion of sustainability, luxury, and personalisation. More than just safeguarding the menu, these covers now play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall dining experience, mirroring the restaurant’s unique identity, and forging an indelible first impression on diners.


Smart Hospitality Supplies, The Home of Bespoke Menu Covers

Smart is dedicated to delivering high-quality menu covers, as demonstrated through their collaborations with well-known brands such as Crawley Town Football Club, Mr Fogg’s, Manicomo, Little Dessert Shop and many others. These partnerships emphasise their commitment to producing customised menu covers that safeguard and enhance their client’s brand image.

For more information, menu cover samples, or to order, please visit or contact 01743 465 301.

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