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Café becomes staple in the community as it supports local businesses

A CAFÉ which opened just as lockdown ended has developed into a staple in a local community.
Chandlers in Clanfield has soared in popularity in the 10 months it has been open.

After opening its doors on May 17, just as indoor dining was reintroduced in England after the third lockdown, the coffee shop and café has become a hot spot for local residents, workers, dog walkers and more.

Owners Liz Harmes and Steph Thomas opened the venue after hearing pleas from residents around wanting a coffee shop in the village.

As a result of its popularity, Steph and Liz decided to extend opening times and introduce an evening drink and dining option at weekends with hand-crafted cocktails, such as the salted caramel espresso martini, on offer.
Companies around the area are now using Chandlers as the official supplier for their lunches, with firms such as De Mellow Wealth Management, Butser Ancient Farm and school holiday clubs getting daily meals.

Steph said it is important for them to be a provider for the business community, as well as the residential community.

She said: ‘Our initial focus was on the residents, as they were the ones who were so keen for a café in the village, but we’ve seen a lot of interest and popularity on the corporate side of things. If it’s not people coming in with their laptops, spending a few hours working away with a coffee and some lunch, its local businesses coming in to get them and their staff sandwiches for lunch.

‘It’s definitely something we would like to offer more companies as it helps them to give something back to their staff too.’

The café has proved popular with people holding private events and has been the host of birthday parties, baby showers, wakes and more.

It also holds events of its own, with its Chandlers Big Quiz Night, which is held every six weeks, selling out every time.

Liz said: ‘We’ve been taken aback by the support and encouragement of the Clanfield community. We thank everyone for venturing out and their lovely reviews. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received, and we absolutely love being here and meeting everyone.

‘We’re a popular stop for walkies, shopping local and a brief change of scenery from home. We love it when customers come in for a quiet coffee or tell us about their morning.’

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