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London gelateria urges consumers to reduce waste and balance their diets following World Food Day

Prime Gelato, a Covent Garden-based gelateria (or shop selling high-quality Italian ice cream) is encouraging customers and others to reduce their food waste following World Food Day, a day of action committed to tackling global hunger.

The project is organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, under the theme of aiming to achieve zero hunger across the world, against a backdrop of climate change and a loss of diversity across the planet.

Mirko Mazzone, who owns the Prime Gelato business on Shaftesbury Avenue, said:

“We’d be delighted if as many people as possible support this worthwhile cause.”

Referring to the unhealthy habits of may in the western world, Mirko added:

“We’d urge people to think about healthy diet choices and remember that our high-quality gelato is designed to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

“It’s also well established that a plant-based diet helps the environment, and we have a vegan range. It’s made with fresh ingredients, and processed as little as possible, just as all our ice cream is. We’re about quality, and making our products on-site to the highest standards while offering a range of unique, delicious flavours.

“Equally, we use organic milk and cream as the base in all our classic gelato varieties, and we love adding natural ingredients like nuts, fruit and cocoa.”

Mirko, a trained pastry chef from Genoa, brought his staple of Italian cuisine to his beloved London in 2016.

World Food Day, held on the same date annually, incorporates a range of events worldwide.

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