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Revealed: meal deals named the nation’s favourite work lunch

A new study has revealed how Brit’s love to take their lunch, revealing that meal deals, fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks are on the menu daily.

The research by flexible workplace provider Flexioffices looked into the lunchtime habits of UK workers, asking about unhealthy snack temptation, where they most often buy lunch, and if their employers support a healthy working lifestyle.

Results show that although we’re taught about the importance of being active and eating healthy at work, many of us are creatures of habit that eat the same thing for lunch every day (11%) and rarely leave our desks for a break (24%).

Almost a fifth (15%) of the 2,000 workers surveyed claimed they often buy lunch out, with Londoners most likely to do this, and some avoid lunch completely (6%).

Topping the list for most popular lunch-time food was a supermarket meal deal with almost two in five (39%) workers choosing this. Another speedy option that topped the list was fast food vendors with one in five frequenting the likes of Greggs, Subway and McDonalds most often for lunch. Café chains like Costa, Pret A Manger and Café Nero were third most visited (12%).

Delivery services that have become popular in recent years like Deliveroo and Uber Eats are among the favourites (7%), and some stick to a simple vending machine for lunch (3%).

It’s not always easy for UK workers to make healthy lunch decisions with almost one in ten (9%) admitting their office encourages them to eat unhealthily as well as making it difficult to be healthy.

A fifth (19%) of those surveyed admitted to eating unhealthy snacks at work daily and more than one in ten (16%) finish off a fizzy drink every day.

For the third of professionals (37%) that bring in lunch every day, many don’t have a place to eat it with a huge 80per cent of people revealing there aren’t breakout areas at their workplace to eat. Over half of London workers (57%) agree they would take a full lunch break if they had a breakout area.

Michael Dubicki, Business Director from Flexioffices commented:

“It’s clear from our research that convenience is still priority for British workers when choosing lunch with meal deals and fast food among the popular options.

“Despite many of us skipping lunch break or not leaving our desks, we know that this will have a negative impact on our work performance.

“Making use of facilities around your office, whether that’s a gym, a park or even a stroll into town will help alleviate pressures and give yourself a break from staring at a screen.”

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