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Farmers Take Over Town Centre in Bid to Reverse Retail Demise

THIS coming Saturday (29th August) in the former BHS store in Banbury, close to where the M&S and many other retailers have recently shut down, and despite Covid restrictions, UK farmers are opening up a brand new butchers; a fishmongers; a deli; a farm shop; a bakery; a cheese counter; an off license; three take-aways; a restaurant and a large bar.

They are creating some 60 full and part time jobs and hope to drive a radical change in how food and drink is retailed and served.

Called Happerley England, a project supported by BBC Countryfile presenter Adam Henson, it marks the launch of England’s very first national centre of food and drink provenance in an interactive mixed retail, street food and entertainment environment.

Consumers are able to use QR technology on a smartphone to better understand the journey of the food they buy, to allow for educated and conscious purchasing decisions.

Happerley was founded by farmers and has already won the support of hundreds of producers around the UK who allow them to validate and publish their ingredient supply chain, to empower consumers to instantly know the journey of their food and drink.

All produce at Happerley England must be Happerley Gold or on a journey to become Happerley Gold, meaning that consumers can trace the ingredients in their purchases right back to the farms and boats, allowing the producers to tell the story of the very journey of their products.

Happerley founder, Matthew Rymer, explains: “We hope to blaze a new future for retail by re-engaging town centres with their hinterland and delivering truth instead of spin. It is not rocket science – this is about delivering transparency and truth for the benefit of all. It about telling the story of field to fork, creating community space, a platform for genuine interaction and a sustainable business model for all.

We want to lay a path for hope through these difficult times and to focus on the glory of what we as a nation produce. We very much hope to set up a Happerley Scotland and Happerley Wales in due course.”

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