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LOVE, the highly sought-after flavour from waterdrop® is back

Falling in love is described as the most beautiful thing in the world. This summer, waterdrop®, known for delicious microdrinks, encourages you to grab your nearest and dearest and enjoy the highly sought-after flavour, LOVE. The former limited edition is back for good, featuring a new design to accompany its unforgettable taste. 

Whether spending time with an old flame, feeling that first date excitement or enjoying the company of friends and family, LOVE is the ideal drink to be shared with your favourite people.  Enjoy the unique extract of sweet and sour goji berry, paired with the natural taste of pomegranate, and topped-off with a touch of schizandra extract.

The LOVE ingredients are a nod to warmth, health and love. Pomegranate, usually found in warm climates, has a natural flavour reminiscent of blackcurrant, and complements the goji berry, also known as the ‘Chinese wolfberry’, and an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. The final element of schizandra, often used as an aphrodisiac and known for its unique taste, completes the blend of these three flavours for a match made in heaven.

The LOVE collection comes with everything you need to fall in LOVE this summer. From hydrating and delicious microdrinks, to sustainable glass and steel bottles, and the complementary accessories, the complete set is a LOVE match for this waterdrop® flavour favourite. 

Set the perfect romantic mood with the LOVE candle and say goodbye to single use plastic with LOVE porcelain cups, glasses and carafes, available with matching steel and glass straws. This allows you to enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about harming our beautiful environment. 

Fall in love with drinking more water!   

The full LOVE collection includes: 

·         LOVE steel bottle 0,6L – £29.90 

·         LOVE steel bottle 1L – £34.90 

·         LOVE clear bottle accessories (bottle cap and bottle sleeve) – £8.90 

·         LOVE glass bottle – £24.90 

·         LOVE steel straws – £9.90 

·         LOVE glass straws – £9.90 

·         LOVE Cups Porcelain – £14.90 

·         LOVE glasses – £13.90 

·         LOVE carafe – £29.90 

·         LOVE edition bag – £11.90 

·         LOVE candle – £49.00 

·         LOVE ML 12packs – £6.99  

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