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Gin & Vanilla – The Nation’s Fave Spirit and Ice Cream Flavours Inspire PLT to Create PrettyLittleGin

PrettyLittleThing combined the nation’s favourite ice cream and spirit in its new (and extremely exclusive product)… PrettyLittleGin – a strawberry and vanilla ice cream flavoured gin!

PLT surveyed the the nation and found that our favourite spirit is gin. 1 in 4 (27%) Brits agree that gin is their favourite spirit, and almost a third (31%) of British women agree that gin is their favourite spirit. Gin is most popular amongst those aged between 25-34, with 27% agreeing, and virgo’s are revealed as the biggest gin lovers.

The survey also revealed the nation’s favourite ice cream flavour as vanilla, with 41% of respondents mentioning the classic flavour. Vanilla is the most popular choice of flavour amongst 55+ year olds with 47% agreeing it is their favourite flavour, and almost half (42%) of British women agree that vanilla is the best ice cream flavour. Capricorn’s are the biggest vanilla ice cream fans overall.

With hints of strawberry and vanilla and an Instagrammable shimmery aesthetic, PrettyLittleGin (a dreamy bottle of glittery gin) will bring those missing summer vibes to your home as it’s set to be the taste of the season. . The catch? There are only 99 bottles available for you to get your hands on before it’s gone forever…. You find out more here:

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