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M&S Launch ‘Best-Ever’ Macaroni Cheese – with 20% more cheese than any other on the high street!

Plunging a fork into an oozy, gooey, stringy bowl of Macaroni Cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures and people the world over have enjoyed this simple yet highly delicious dish since the early 1900’s. With over 1 million mentions of #macncheese and #cheeselover on Instagram, it is clear this global dish remains one of the most dribble inducing on the internet. But you haven’t tried the cheesiest one on the UK supermarket shelves yet…

Available now across M&S stores, the Our Best Ever Macaroni Cheese is ready to make all your cheese dreams come true and it’s vegetarian! Made with four different premium cheeses for varying texture and flavour; cave aged cheddar for tang, Pecorino for a salty bite, Emmental for nutty sweetness and great melted texture and finally a hidden layer of mozzarella for that creamy stringiness which epitomizes the dish. Topped with a crunchy ciabatta garlic crumb, a drizzle of roasted garlic oil, fresh parsley, crispy onions, and MORE mozzarella. The pasta is our finest free-range Italian egg elbow pasta, with well-defined ridges to perfectly cling onto that cheesy goodness.

The retailer’s current Macaroni Cheese within the M&S Italian range is by far the most popular choice, with 60k selling on average per week. With the new ‘Our Best Ever’ Macaroni Cheese you can opt for a single portion and keep it all to yourself (£3.50), or go for the serves 2 size (£6.50) and make it THE best date night you’ve ever experienced! This dish also makes for an ideal accompaniment to an all-American feast, paired with perhaps some short back ribs or an Our Best Ever burger and fries for a weekend treat.

April Preston, Director of Product Development said: “When we create an Our Best Ever dish, it takes a lot of consideration and research to find those hero products which customers already love at M&S. Macaroni Cheese is definitely one of those dishes and we’re confident that when customers tuck into this new version, they won’t be disappointed. The quality test for us, was ensuring it had more cheese than anything else we’d seen on the market, and that each of those cheeses was carefully matched and paired to compliment the others. Personally, I don’t share my Macaroni Cheese, so I’ll be enjoying this one for myself.”

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