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Luxury Honey Manuka South from the Untouched Regions of New Zealand

Life in today’s world requires increased attention to wellbeing when people are more conscious of themselves and the people around them, as well as the environment. This approach extends to all aspects of life, involving not only exercise but also proper nutrition. It is difficult to imagine a product that would better combine excellent taste with boundless health benefits than honey. Manuka South, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Honey in World, creates a unique range of natural and healthy bee products embodying the best New Zealand has to offer.

Rob and Lynda Haines started the New Zealand Health Food Company in 1988 with a vision to supply New Zealand health food products worldwide, sharing the gift of good health with the world. Due to the increasing demand for natural health products, the Manuka South brand was launched in 2015 with the goal of being leaders in producing premium Mānuka honey and bee products without compromising on quality. From the very first day until today, Manuka South is a New Zealand owned and operated family business with a common passion and desire to provide customers with premium quality and health products.

The Manuka South team is passionate about quality. This starts with the relationships that the company has nurtured over the last thirty years with their family of beekeepers, which allows a careful selection of each vintage most remarkable bee products available. It is because of these fantastic connections that the company gets the first pick of the very best honey and bee product available in New Zealand from all the top producers. Only the finest quality available is hand-selected for the company’s premium product range.

UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. The most genuine, high-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand displays a UMF® rating on the label and packaging. This represents the unique signature compounds characteristic of this honey, which ensure purity and quality. These include the key markers of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal. The UMF Honey Association has a world-leading science programme that is focused on identifying the unique signature compounds of genuine Mānuka Honey, as a way of safeguarding consumers and the industry.

The region, where our Limited Reserve honey is harvested, is inaccessible by truck or foot, that is why our beekeepers deliver the hives using helicopters. These selected Manuka-dense forests provide perfect conditions for producing some of the best quality Manuka honey in the world.

It takes a skillful hand to create the world’s finest honey. The award-winning Manuka South Limited Reserve Collection is a handcrafted luxury product known for its smooth, rich texture, creamed to perfection. The elegant maturity gives the palate a welcoming silky consistency with earthy, toasted notes followed by slightly bitter tones. The intricacy of flavor and texture is achieved by our master honey craftsman that uses the traditional New Zealand methods of creaming and caring for our honey. Our Limited Reserve honey is blended in small batches to allow for our extensive quality control. The slow gradual aging respects the qualities of the raw honey and guarantees that the natural enzymes are perfectly preserved, just the way nature intended.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts couldn’t help but notice the precious stylish Manuka South boxes. Each bespoke box from Manuka South Limited Reserve Collection is individually handcrafted in New Zealand creating an excellent result of a collaboration between beekeepers, head creamer, master craftsman, and the team at Manuka South.

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