The Most Beelicious Honey by Tahi New Zealand

Buying delicious, high-quality foods is what most people are aiming for. If the product is 100% natural and/or organic, this adds another bonus to the brand. However, if the company conducts their business ethically and takes care of the planet—the product definitely is the winner, leaving competitors with no chance. This is the story of Tahi Manuka Honey UMF+Collection, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Honey in the World.

Most people think that the honey they usually see on the shelves is the way nature created it to be, but it is actually not true. Several generations running Tahi New Zealand, the producer of the incredible Manuka honey, know that aggressive filtering can damage the product’s natural composition and start the crystallization process. Tahi doesn’t remove all pollen and microscopic particles, and this makes their honey healthier and more special.

UMFTM, an internationally verified and recognized trademark that measures the purity and quality of Manuka, has been rating Tahi honey with impressive scores— ranging from 5+ and all the way to the unbelievable 23+. It is pretty rare and special, and means that the honey is very “active”. UMFTM is supported by an industry quality standard, independent audits and evaluations from accredited laboratories. Honey that carries the UMFTM brand must follow stringent guidelines, but this also means that the customers know what they will be getting. Tahi honey is also famous for its high MGO ratings—from 83+ to an impressive 1046+. MGO is another trusted grading system that measures methylglyoxal—a naturally occurring compound Manuka honey is rich in. These ratings, plus the recognition by the acclaimed experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, mean that Tahi Manuka Honey UMF+Collection is truly beelicious!

The company’s website features a very handy tasting guide, where one can pick honey according to its properties and taste, from creamy to tangy. All products are packed into 100% recyclable jars, and protected by special packaging and seals to ensure authenticity. Bees are also lovingly taken care of: Tahi’s team doesn’t use pollen traps because they can damage bees’ delicate wings, nor do they collect bee venom as it can harm or even kill bees. And, rather than stripping hives of honey, they leave their bees with a box per hive to keep them well fed over winter months—because healthy bees make healthy honey!

Tahi Manuka Honey is definitely the best choice for finally tasting 100% natural, authentic and ethically produced honey. Rich and golden in color, smooth and slightly creamy in texture, sweet and mildly tangy, Tahi Manuka Honey has a unique depth of flavor not found in other honeys. This is in part due to the location of hives in faraway corners of New Zealand—and partly because the company doesn’t use any GMOs, GE, added sugar, water or chemicals in their honeys. No compromises.

In 2020 Tahi won the supreme “Transforming New Zealand Award” from the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network, presented to an organisation that is performing outstandingly well in all aspects of sustainability. Tahi New Zealand is the business that strived to make their production process 100% full circle, giving back to nature, and they succeeded big time.


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