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Why You Should Try Loose Leaf Tea

If you consider yourself a tea drinker, you might have a favourite kind that you buy time and time again. While loose leaf tea has grown in popularity more recently with high quality suppliers offering unique flavours, some people are still purchasing the classic tea that comes in tea bags. There are tons of benefits to drinking loose leaf tea and the experience truly is great. Read on to hear some of the reasons we think you should try loose leaf tea below.

It Tastes Fresher

Did you know that loose leaf tea can actually taste fresher than the tea that you will typically find in your tea bags? This is because of the way in which it is typically produced as tea bags are more commonly mass produced than loose leaf tea. With more care in the production of loose leaf tea, you can enjoy a fresher taste for longer.

It Can Be Stronger

Loose leaf speciality tea is often created with a blend of different ingredients and so you can expect the taste to be quite strong. This is perfect for those who really value the taste of tea and that want to enjoy the experience. Stronger tea is typically more complex and there are tons of flavoured teas that you can choose from. Additionally, the way in which loose leaf tea is brewed helps to contribute to the overall taste as it needs room to expand.

It is Better For The Environment

Another reason why we should all be drinking loose leaf tea rather than the tea that you find in tea bags is that it can be better for the environment. Tea bags aren’t always biodegradable and so by using multiple tea bags every single day, you can be increasing your carbon footprint without even realising it. If you are concerned about the environment and your impact on it, we recommend trying loose leaf tea.

It Can Be Better For Your Health

Finally, you’ll find that the experts say that loose leaf speciality tea can actually be better for your health. This is due to the antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory qualities that come with this kind of tea and the ingredients that it uses. Often, people drink loose leaf tea for the health benefits, and you don’t really see the same benefits in the classic tea bag. If you are hoping to soothe a cold or detox, loose leaf tea can be great.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are tons of great reasons why you might want to try out loose leaf tea rather than the typical tea bag that you would find in the supermarket. If you do decide to make the switch, just make sure that you are buying your tea from a reputable supplier. We recommend that you try out a few different flavours as there are so many great options for tea lovers these days!

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