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Cardiff’s Genesis Biosciences reminds hospitality business owners to check drains after lockdown

With hotels, restaurants and cafés closed to the public for months, many commercial kitchens have been left idle and unused and so too have the properties’ drainage systems. As venues begin to reopen, business owners will need to ensure their premises continue to meet all regulations and hygiene requirements which includes maintaining clear drains.

For pubs, restaurants and all other businesses with commercial kitchens there are strict regulations in place for how waste products must be disposed of, in particular fats, oils and grease (FOG). This is to prevent them from reaching water systems and contributing to the increasing fatberg problem and well as blocked pipes, bad odours and potentially flooding.

While grease traps are designed to stop FOG from entering the drainage system, regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and with minimal odours is essential.

With kitchens dormant for some time, and grease traps left untouched, there is a chance fatty deposits from pre-lockdown may have caused blockages which inevitably will require chemical or mechanical treatment.

Genesis Biosciences, which specialises in creating probiotic cleaning solutions, has developed a compact and effective system for easily maintaining drainage systems and grease traps. GD Ultra is a simple to use dispenser system which automatically distributes a daily dose of powerful beneficial bacteria that work to break down FOG. The dispenser can easily be plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics in to the system. One 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for three months so once installed, it eliminates the need for manual dosing.

Dr. Emma Saunders, General Manager for Genesis Biosciences, said:

“As the hospitality industry reopens, business owners will be ensuring compliance with all the additional health and safety regulations, but they mustn’t overlook pre-existing key business requirements such as their drainage systems. If left too late, blocked drains can cause immense interruption to businesses, possibly leading to closure and expensive treatments.

“Genesis specialises in utilising application-specific beneficial bacteria, and the probiotics in GD Ultra have been specially selected for their ability to break down fatty deposits.

“We supply a robust dispenser which is simple to install and delivers the same bacterial dose as the highest specification liquid products. The good bacteria are dispersed throughout drain system by normal water flows and it provides rapid and highly effective non-toxic elimination of bad odours.

“Once installed, GD Ultra reduces the occurrence of fat and grease blockages and can ultimately reduce waste disposal costs for those in the hospitality industry.”

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