The Ultimate TikTok Food Trends – Ranked!

Wren Kitchens have ranked the hottest TikTok food trends based on views and Google search trends – and the top trends include a skin-boosting shot, edible flowers and a simple pasta dish that has led to worldwide feta shortages!

TikTok food trends have quickly become a major influence on our cooking and eating habits. From frying eggs in green pesto to making bacon from carrots, the trends are also encouraging us to experiment with our diets!

However, with so many trends happening on all corners of the app, it can be hard to find the trends that are most appealing to your taste. With this in mind, Wren Kitchens has ranked current TikTok food trends to see which recipes are the most popular and worth your time!

Looking at google search trends data, whatever is trending on TikTok is making us experiment in our kitchen endeavours. For example, the feta pasta trend has seen searches for “baked feta pasta” increase by 3,900%! The search term “tik tok wrap” has seen a boost in searches of 2,300% and “liquid chlorophyll” has increased by over 1,000%.

TikTok is proving to be hugely influential on consumer trends and buying habits.

This can also been seen across a variety of industries including interiors, appliances and especially food. For example, the power of TikTok was behind the feta shortage in Finland (where the feta pasta trend began) and in the US, feta sales increased by 45%, thanks to one simple video.

People want to try out what they see on social media, and with TikTok specialising in short form content, simple recipes do incredibly well as they are easy to mimic at home.

Below, Wren Kitchens have shared the top recipes for you to try at home.

The Top Three: Recipes

Feta Pasta

Place a block of feta cheese and cherry tomatoes in baking dish.

Drizzle oil and season with salt, pepper and any other spices or herbs of your choice.

Bake until tomatoes and feta are very soft.

Whilst baking, cook pasta of your choice.

Drain pasta, mix with tomatoes and feta then serve.



This trend involves using the green plant pigment as a daily health supplement.

You mix a shot of chlorophyll into a pint of water and drink.

The taste will be earthy yet minty.

Chlorophyll contains vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

People are using it as a natural way to improve skin.  


Pickled Garlic

Drain pickling liquid from jar of pickled garlic.

Put a good squeeze of hot sauce into the jar.

Also add in as much thyme and chili powder as you desire.

Put lid on the jar and shake well – eat and enjoy.  

You can find out how to make each of the top 10 dishes here: 


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