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Add Some Attitude to Picnics and Camping Trips this year

Campingaz introduces the Attitude 2go CV, a new portable gas barbecue for great food on the go.

Last year, Campingaz launched its Attitude range of table-top barbecues, catering to the needs of city-dwelling barbecue enthusiasts with limited outdoor space. For 2021, Campingaz has taken the Attitude range to the next level with the introduction of the Attitude 2go CV. This gas barbecue offers the same combination of sleek styling and pioneering, precision cooking as the larger Attitude barbecues, yet is more compact and lightweight so it can be easily transported to your favourite outdoor cooking spot. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or an urbanite looking to make the most of your city’s green spaces, the Attitude 2go CV will ensure you don’t have to compromise on your barbecue experience on the campsite or when picnicking.

The Attitude 2go CV arrives pre-assembled, with the hose and regulator already attached, and it has piezo ignition so you can get cooking with the press of a button. Light yet powerful, the Attitude 2go CV benefits from perfectly even heat distribution across the entire cast iron cooking surface thanks to the updated Blue Flame stainless steel burner and Campingaz’s Even Temp® technology.  The cooking surface has been reimagined to provide burner protection, removing the need for a protective layer below the cooking surface. As a result, hot grease and juices are unable to collect and cause dangerous flare-ups while cooking, so you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable cooking experience.

With cooking temperatures reaching above 250°C and a cooking surface large enough to prepare meals for up to 6 people, you’re sure to have superb grilling results when using the Attitude 2go CV. Plus, the cooking surface is protected by a five year warranty so you’ll be able to enjoy great barbecues for years to come. The elegant, matt black die cast aluminium lid which retains heat for convection grilling is also covered by a ten year warranty and features a built in thermometer so you can check the temperature without lifting the lid and causing the heat to escape.

This portable barbecue is conveniently shaped for easy storage, making it perfect for when you need to maximise your packing space in the boot of your car or in your motorhome when heading off on an adventure. Soft rounded handles also make transportation by hand easy, so you can take it with you to your local park for a picnic. Increasing this barbecue’s portability even more, the Attitude 2go CV is powered by Campingaz’s lightweight CV470 Plus cartridges which are also used for the brand’s camping stoves. These gas cartridges are held in an integrated basket at the back of the barbecue and the Easy Clic® PLUS connection allows you to safely connect and disconnect the cartridge.

Those who loath the post-barbecue clean-up will be pleased to find that the Attitude 2go CV features an integrated front loading grease tray which is removable and dishwasher-safe, making cleaning as quick and simple as possible. The cast iron cooking surface can also be cleaned just as easily with a barbecue brush.

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