The ultimate pub snacks, ranked!

Euros? On. Pint? In hand. Your favourite pub snack? Pending. The ULTIMATE pub snack has been revealed, following a survey of over 3,000 adults by Greene King pubs.

Looking at the results, it is clear that Brits are truly committed to their chips, as they were ranked as the number one pub snack! Perhaps what is the most surprising, is that Brits chose nuts over nachos, as KP salted peanuts earned the silver medal in the rankings, with dry roasted peanuts sliding in at third place.

Taking another look at the results, we can see that Brits are all about the classic snacks. Why have posh crisps or a bowl of wasabi peas when you can tuck into a packet of Walkers ready salted crisps?

Ranking Pub – snack – Percent of Brits who voted it amongst their favourites:

1 Chips 29%
2 KP salted peanuts 19%
3 Dry roasted peanuts 18%
4 Walkers ready salted crisps 17%
5 Garlic bread 15%
6 Pork scratchings 15%
7 Chicken wings 15%
8 Nachos 14%
9 Mini cheddars 13%
10 Bacon fried 12%
11 Scampi fries 12%
12 Tyrells 8%
13 McCoys cheese and onion 8%
14 Pickled onion Monster Much 7%
15 BBQ Beef Hula Hoops 7%
16 Quavers share bag 6%
17 Twiglets 6%
18 Veg crisps/posh snacks 6%
19 Wasabi peas 5%


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