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Human Food launches Kickstarter campaign to back world first all-natural shakes

Plant-based Welsh food pioneer Human Food, which launched its nutrition bars in 2018 after the most successful vegan Kickstarter campaign ever, is back on Kickstarter to raise money for the launch of its latest innovation.

The company’s founder Ky Wright has been working for the past two years on the development of a range of nutrition shakes designed to compete popular meal replacement shakes, but to offer some important differences: they are made using only organic wholefoods, with absolutely no additives and no synthetic nutrients.

“While other food companies opt for the cheapest ingredients and plastic packaging, Human Food is made with 100% organic ingredients and packaged in the lowest impact materials possible, including home-compostable sachets, recycled card shippers and absolutely zero plastics … even our packing tape is plastic free,” says Ky.

“We all know that wholefoods and in particular organic wholefoods are better for our health, and Human Food Shakes have these bases fully covered. What’s less well known is that all meal replacements, fortified foods and supplements rely almost exclusively on the addition of lab-made vitamins and minerals to give their products their nutritional value. Synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural vitamins as they exist in foods, they’re industrially-made approximations, and the best modern studies show that they don’t replicate the long-term health benefits of natural vitamins, and some can even be actively harmful to our health.”

The shakes come in three flavoured varieties: Original, Turmeric and Cacao. These have been developed to be delicious as well as nutritionally dense, just like Human Food bars (the most nutritionally-dense organic food in the world). Unlike their competitors’ shakes – products like Huel, Slimfast, Jimmy Joy, Purition – Human Food shakes aren’t intended to replace ‘real food’, and where as most shakes offer a slightly dystopian, high-tech, heavily-refined alternative to proper meals, Human Food shakes simply make it easy and convenient to eat the way we already know is best for our health, offering a zero-hassle alternative by repackaging a selection of incredibly nutritious organic wholefoods as an easy-to-prepare shake.

For anyone pledging £30 or more, the rewards will include not only a supply of shakes but also a free Human Food recycled stainless steel shaker bottle with a magnetic screw lid and medicinal grade silicon seals. Unlike plastic shakers, which commonly break and end up in landfill, it’s designed to be long lasting and recyclable.

The Kickstarter campaign is live now and runs until July 22 with delivery of the first shakes scheduled for September 2021.

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