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Post Pandemic Dinner Party Recipes: 3 Champagne Cocktails Your Guests Will Adore!

  • Brits are on the hunt for dinner party inspiration with search for “dessert ideas for dinner party” seeing a 400% increase
  • A key element of the dinner party often overlooked are the drinks
  • Cartwright and Butler have revealed 3 stunning champagne cocktails for your next event

Now that socialising is back on the cards, people are reigniting their friendships and catching up with family in person once again. However, for many, going out to a restaurant or bar is still a daunting prospect. This is why Brits are beginning to organise dinner parties – small, intimate gatherings where people can enjoy themselves in the comfort of a home they know.
With searches for “dessert ideas for dinner party” seeing a 400% increase in the past 12 months and “vegetarian dinner party recipes” seeing a 140% rise, hosts are on the hunt for inspiration.
However, a key element often overlooked by hosts are the drinks and there’s no better time than now to treat yourself. If you’re really wanting to impress, a bottle of champagne is a premium tipple to indulge in, and one that is usually associated with high society and expensive bars.
With this in mind, Cartwright and Butler have composed three stunning Champagne cocktail recipes perfect for any swanky dinner party to really make it an occasion.
You can use your bubbly with other ingredients to create a luxury champagne cocktail that will take your taste buds on a trip to some of the most exclusive bars in the world.

A Flavourful French 75

Like many classic champagne cocktails, making (and drinking) a French 75 will blow you away. Rumour has it that when the first French 75 initially emerged, gin was not an ingredient included in this magical concoction. But one thing has always remained the same – the inclusion of champagne!

So, what ingredients will you require for this charming champagne cocktail?

• Fine Champagne (4 oz.)
• 1 teaspoon of sugar syrup – which you can make yourself by simply dissolving 250g of caster sugar in 250ml of hot water
• Dry gin (2 oz.)
• Lemon juice
• Lemon peel to garnish
• Ice

To make the drink:

1. First, pour the luscious lemon juice, dry gin and sweet sugar syrup into your cocktail shaker and then add your ice.
2. Shake the ingredients together well, and then strain it into a shiny champagne flute.
3. Top your tipple up with a small amount of champagne and allow the bubble to settle for a moment. Once your drink is still, add more fizz to your glass.
4. Grab your cocktail stirrer and swirl the drink together gently, before adding your lemon peel as a finishing touch.

An Atomic Cocktail

If your palate requires fruitier flavours to reach top tipple satisfaction, champagne punch is a lavish yet easy option to recreate.
You’ll require the following to make this beautiful-tasting beverage from scratch:

• Your finest champagne
• 1 bottle of soda
• Brandy (1 ½ oz.)
• Cointreau (1 ½ oz.)
• A punnet of strawberries
• Pineapple slices
• Orange wedges
• Mint – for garnish

To make this flavourful champagne cocktail from home, simply:
1. Place your strawberries in a large sharing bowl and begin crushing the fruit into smaller pieces.
2. Introduce the ice to the bowl, and carefully pour in the champagne, Cointreau, brandy, and soda, mixing them all together seamlessly.
3. Add your garnishes for lasting flavour, including previously prepared orange rings, pineapple slices, orange wedges and a handful of fresh mint. Then, sip away!

A Lavish Luxe Margarita

If you truly love the bitter yet refined taste of a margarita, a Luxe Margarita is calling your name. You can easily incorporate champagne into this beautiful beverage and enjoy a refined drink that’s fairly simple to make. Just ensure you have all the drinks and garnishes you require.
Ingredients-wise, you will need to gather up a fine selection of joyful bottles of alcohol and fruit juices, including:

• Champagne
• Cointreau (1 oz.)
• Tequila (1 oz.)
• Freshly squeezed lime juice (1/2 oz.)
• Angostura bitters (3 dashes)
• Edible flowers – such as rose petals

To enjoy the fine flavours of this tipple, you’ll need a cocktail shaker to hand and this champagne cocktail recipe to follow:
1. Add your lime juice, Cointreau and tequila to your cocktail shaker and put your shaking skills into action for around 20 seconds.
2. Use your strainer to pour this tantalising mix into a pre-chilled champagne flute.
3. Next, top your tipple with your luxury champagne and Angostura bitters.
4. To finish, garnish your flute with red rose petal.

For more champagne cocktail recipes, visit:

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