Super-Savvy Brits Choose Superfoods To Boost Immunity

With more than half of all Brits pledging to eat a more nutritious diet, up from 24% 20 years ago and 37% 10 years ago*, a new state of the nation survey by Naturya reveals millions of people want to get more superfoods into their diet – from spinach to spirulina and chia to coconut – because of the health benefits of these powerful, natural ingredients.

At a time of heightened public concern about health and wellbeing, 31% of people are already eating superfoods on a weekly basis and 18% of Brits are eating superfoods daily, and that figure is expected to rise significantly as 56% of Brits say they expect to eat more superfoods this year.

Indeed 70% of people say they would buy more superfoods if they were available in more convenient formats to eat throughout the day. This is something which Naturya has responded to with the launch of an extensive range of more than 20 new superfood products – from hot chocolate to porridge and puddings to cacao nibs. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacking, desserts, baking, and drinks, the full range is available to buy now from the Naturya website, with selected lines also available on Ocado and coming to Holland & Barrett stores, nationwide, from April.

Topping the list of health benefits people gave for eating a balanced diet filled with superfoods were stronger immunity (68%); better digestive function (64%), boosted energy (60%) and healthier cholesterol levels (48%), with a host of other health benefits also correctly identified^. Young people in particular recognise the power of superfoods when it comes to supporting their mental wellbeing; 39% of under 30’s are aware that superfoods can help with their cognitive health.

Nutrition savvy Brits certainly do know their superfoods, Naturya asked people to correctly identify which foods from a list were superfoods, and Greens like Kale, Spinach and Barley Grass were the most correctly identified, followed by Turmeric, Chia, Berries and Flaxseed.

Despite this strong level of superfood knowledge, some Brits thought certain foods were superfoods when in fact they were not. These included red meat (e.g. beef), white bread, milk and other dairy products and chocolate (whilst dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and packed with nutrients, milk and white chocolate do not qualify as superfoods). Indeed 1 in 10 people wrongly thought sweet potato fries were a superfood (whilst sweet potato is considered a superfood, the process of making sweet potato fries using oil, seasonings, and often, cornstarch, means sweet potato fries are not a superfood).

Lewis Black, Marketing Director, Naturya says: “Brits are clearly becoming super savvy when it comes to superfoods. There is a growing understanding of the different types of superfoods available and a deeper understanding of the many associated health benefits of eating them. But like a lot of things in life there is always room for improvement as not everyone is eating superfoods as often as they should, and it appears some Brits do still struggle to identify what is and what isn’t a superfood.

“The good news is that there are plenty of delicious superfoods full of nutrients available to try. And consuming these powerful, natural ingredients has just got a whole lot easier and more convenient with the launch of our exciting new superfoods range which includes Hot Chocolate, Keto Porridge, Gut Feel Flaxseed Blends, Organic Cacao Nibs and much more. We’re incredibly excited to launch this range to help people live healthier, boost their immunity and get more superfood goodness into their diets.”

Naturya has created a super helpful Little Book of Superfoods for anyone who wants to brush up on their superfood knowledge and get some helpful tips and inspiration on eating a more nutritious diet filled with superfoods. Those who sign up to Naturya’s newsletter here will be able to access the Little Book of Superfoods and also receive a 25% off welcome voucher to redeem on Naturya’s online store.


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