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Beer, Pasta And Pizza Are Superfoods Right? New Research Shows Brits Are Baffled By The Term


A nationwide study has found that, despite the ongoing trend for clean and healthy eating, almost half of Brits (49 percent) say they are baffled when it comes to what constitutes a “superfood” – a food that is rich in nutrients, such as salmon, spinach, goji berries or hemp seeds.

In fact, as many as 66 percent of Brits polled had no idea that hemp seeds are a superfood, while 26 percent mistakenly thought that you can get high from eating them.

Yet as many as 18 percent of the Brits polled insist that bread, which has very little nutritional value, is a superfood, more than one in twenty (7 percent) believe pasta belongs in the category and five percent think that PIZZA is a superfood.

More than one in twenty (six percent) truly believe that red wine is a superfood, while an optimistic five percent are adamant BEER has the right nutrients to be included.

When quizzed, 36 percent mistakenly guessed that a superfood is one that is high in protein, while 16 percent reckon it is just a name for a trendy food.

And the study, by Papa John’s, to mark the launch of their new Hemp Sticks, found that more than a third (36 percent) of us would eat something if it would help fight colds and viruses.

Overall, 31 percent of Brits are keen to include more superfoods into their diets this year, and 44 percent want healthy foods to be more accessible and inexpensive.

Giles Codd, Senior Marketing Director from Papa John’s UK comments: “This research indicates just how many of us are confused by the term ‘superfood’, with some Brits even mistaking things like baked beans, pasta and red wine to be superfoods.

“The launch of our new Hemp Sticks couldn’t come at a better time given the results of our recent nationwide study. We are proud to be the first QSR brand to introduce the new side sprinkled with tasty hemp seeds across our UK stores from just £4.99.

“We’re working with plant-based chef, Matt Pritchard, and registered nutritionist, Dr. Sarah Schenker, to help people understand that they are 100% safe and packed full of great stuff to get the New Year off to a natural high.”

The study also found that 57 percent find that eating healthier foods during the start of the year makes them feel better physically and emotionally.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) now try to include something healthier as part of their order when eating out or enjoying a takeaway.

Typically, when enjoying fast food, Brits will search the menu for salad (50 percent), vegetarian options (48 percent) and plant-based food (35 percent), while 16 percent opt for nutrient rich foods like hemp seeds, chia, and flax seeds.


Research of 1,500 UK residents, commissioned by Papa John’s and conducted by Perspectus Global in January 2022

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