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Cuisine Machine Boasts a String of Design Awards in first year

A time saving piece automated pressure cooker that follows recipe cards to create delicious, nutritious meals has clocked up a string of design awards.

Cuisine Machine was the vision of inventor Subina Shami, and Cheshire based product design agency 4D Products, worked tirelessly to make this idea come to life. The award-winning invention is an automated pressure cooker that follows recipe cards to create delicious, nutritious meals.

What makes this device so unique and completely different to anything currently on the market, is its ability to add individual ingredients to the dish at various times throughout cooking. Individual ingredient cups store and deliver the correct ingredients to the cooking pot at the right time.

The Future of Walk Away Cooking

Subina Shami, a working mother who found herself short of time, wanted to find a way to continue cooking healthy, high quality food using fresh ingredients – and she was inspired to design a kitchen machine that would do all the work for her.

Millions of people do not have the time or skills to cook high quality, nutritious meals consistently. Over 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year due to people purchasing ingredients, which never get used. And whilst a range of ‘auto-cookers’ do exist, they either require continued user input to add ingredients, or instead cook all the ingredients together as in a traditional slow cooker.

Upon researching the market, Subina found that existing cooking gadgets do not automatically introduce ingredients during cooking. The temperature and timer in these appliances must be continually adjusted when tougher ingredients such as meat are added, which need to be cooked longer than vegetables.

Subina’s idea was to produce a machine that worked the way that a chef would, taking care of everything.

Subina explains: “Steamers and slow cookers don’t produce the desired results for recipes that require meat to be cooked longer than vegetables. There are other automated appliances in the market, but they are not programmed to add ingredients separately during cooking. That’s where Cuisine Machine comes in.”

Of course, the next stage was for Subina to take her idea to someone who could create a machine based on her design and help her to take it to market – for this, she approached 4D Products, tasking them with bringing her vision to life.  The result is an intelligent kitchen appliance that cooks itself by automatically introducing all varieties of ingredients at predetermined intervals and at the right temperature, just like a professional chef.

She is delighted with the results.  She explains:  “The machine works perfectly.  The recipe card contains programmed cooking instructions. It controls temperature changes and automatically releases individual ingredients from their containers to the cooking bowl at timed intervals, ensuring each one is cooked thoroughly before the next one is added.”


A Hat-Trick of Awards

Awards judges were also impressed.  Since completion of the project at the back end of 2021, this fantastic kitchen appliance has gone on to win some of the most prestigious awards in the product design industry, including those at the European Product Design Awards, The Good Design Awards and The British Invention Show (BIS) Awards.

James Bell, co-founder of 4D Products, said:

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Subina on this invention. Our team were able to make her vision a reality, and we are so proud to see the Cuisine Machine being highly recognised not just in the product design industry, but across the world too.”

Cuisine Machine is the realisation of the inventor’s vision for a new and improved cooking appliance. Keep an eye out for this impressive bit of tech.




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