Teabag first, water second, milk last: Best way to make tea revealed (plus best brands and biccies to dunk)

A UK-based marketplace connecting professional and hobbyist builders with materials suppliers hired a team of tea connoisseurs to reveal how to make the ‘ultimate Builder’s Brew’.

The taste test has revealed that the winning widely debated making method is ‘tea bag first, water second, milk and sugar last’, with 89% of 1,500 Brits confirming that this makes a ‘perfect’ or ‘near to perfect’ cup of tea.
Partnering with the team of tea connoisseurs, launched the study to trial Britain’s most popular tea brands, types of milk, tea-making methods, the time to brew the drink and even which types of biscuits are best to dunk.

The study has revealed that putting the tea bag in first, followed by boiling water, then three splashes of whole cow’s milk, along with one sugar, is the best order to make a cup of tea and the optimal time to brew the drink is around three minutes and 30 seconds. For a plant-based alternative, the connoisseurs revealed that almond milk makes the best cup of tea.

In addition to the method, the tea testers also investigated what popular tea brands taste the best, trialling over fifteen different brands of everyday tea.

The top five brands that make the best cup of tea are:
Yorkshire Tea
Diplomat (Aldi’s own brand)
PG Tips

As well as looking into the brands that make the best tea, the tea experts also discovered the type of biscuits best paired with the popular drink for ‘dunking’.
The top five best types of biscuits for dunking are:
Chocolate chip cookie
Ginger nut
Rich tea
Chocolate digestive
Malted milk

To conduct the study, hired three ‘tea connoisseurs’ to test the tea methods, brands, milks and biscuits, who presented their findings and these were judged internally by the team to reveal the ultimate ‘Builder’s Brew’.

Following the findings, the marketplace surveyed 1,500 Brits to trial making the tea using the preferred method. The majority (89%) confirmed it made a ‘perfect’ or ‘near to perfect’ cup of tea. Three in four (76%) agreed they will continue using the method in the future. Prior to the trial, two thirds of Brits (66%) stated that they thought they made the best cup of tea, and nearly all of those (80%) later admitted they preferred the tea connoisseur’s recommendation.

A ‘Builder’s Brew’ is known to be a strong, sweet tea made with cows’ milk and often multiple teaspoons of sugar.* As its customer base is primarily tradesmen, the marketplace wants to enhance its on-site content and give its users insights on how they can make the best beverage whilst at work. is a marketplace seeking to improve efficiency in the construction supply industry, providing speedy delivery times and affordable pricing. With the belief that for every order there is a perfect supplier, it aims to match the customer and supplier, saving time, money, and stress.

Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said,
“Nothing beats a good cuppa, and we’ve loved launching this study to discover what makes the best ‘Builder’s Brew’. With so many tea brands, milks, and making methods – which, let’s face it, often causes a bit of a debate – to make the classic drink, none of us really know what is needed to actually make the best cup of tea possible.

“Now Brits don’t have to test each tea under the sun, our team of tea connoisseurs have done it for them, trying every method, brand of tea and biscuit to dunk that you could think of. We’re confident that we’ve found the best recipe there is – so if you’re a tea lover, please test out our findings and see what you think.”

You can discover the full findings on how to make the best tea, along with the full brand rankings, on the site here:


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