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Top Three Trends in Fruit Juices and Beverages You Should be Aware of Today

Whether you already have a successful restaurant business or are looking for new ways to reach a broader customer base for your smoothie enterprise, it’s all too true: the fruit juice and beverage industry is growing. Gone are the days when customers would choose between soda, water, tea, or coffee – there is a new (and growing!) awareness of the health benefits of fruit juices, and everyone knows that it tastes good, too. As a result, more juice and smoothie bars are opening up, and countries, where juice was traditionally seen as an add-on are increasingly seeing it as a staple. And now, more fruit juice and beverage trends are popping up. So what are the top three trends in the fruit juice and beverage industry you should be aware of today? Let’s find out.


  • All-new ingredients and flavours galore

Of course, we’re all familiar with well-known flavours like orange, apple, grape, and lemon. But whilst these flavours still have an insane following, the market is saturated, and people are looking for new ingredients and flavours to satisfy their palate. Add to this the awareness of antioxidants. We’ve got a lot in store for you, with ingredients and flavours ranging from Acai berry to yacon to great flavours like cranberry and kiwi to tropical fruit medleys. Fruit juice manufacturers like EE Brian Smith are well aware of the latest flavours and combinations, and they supply all sorts of fruit and veggie juices to many clients.


  • Fermented beverages

There is also a new trend rocking the fruit juice world you should know about if you don’t know about it already. Fermented beverages are a thing, and with fermentation, you can retain the nutrition and produce substances like amino acids and other fatty acids, which makes them more beneficial to the health. What makes it more impressive is that fermentation produces metabolin, an enzyme that does a world of wonder concerning immunity and the intestine. And since fermentation has antibacterial properties, this can extend the shelf life of the product. However, whilst fermented juice products have already penetrated the US and Western Europe; it has yet to go big in developing countries, particularly in Asia and the Middle East!


  • Vegetable and fruit juice combos are a big hit once again

You may already be familiar with vegetable juices, it is becoming more popular because it no longer tastes like vegetable juice. There have been a lot of improvements to its taste, for one, and it has the added advantage in that it boasts a high mineral content and micro-elements. To add to this, vegetable juice is known for its low sugar content and lower calories. As of now, vegetable juices like carrot, tomato, spinach, beet, cabbage, and lettuce are all the rage, and lots of consumers prefer a veggie and fruit mix that goes down well with both young and old.

Other fruit juice trends are worth noting, such as the popularity of cold-pressed juice, alternative options like stevia and other sugar-free options, and products geared towards children. The future of the fruit juice market is growing indeed, and it looks like it will continue to grow as we find new and innovative ways to manufacture it.


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