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The ultimate wine and food pairings you must try

·         With it being English Wine Week (18th-26th June), Wren Kitchens has revealed a combination of delicious food and wine pairings to help elevate your dining experience

·         From Pinot Meunier to Ortega, there is a glass of wine for everyone to appreciate with their favourite dish

Over the past year, searches for ‘wine pairings’ have risen 82%* and with English Wine Week quickly approaching (18th – 26th June), Wren Kitchens has explored the nation’s favourite wines that can help uplift your food dishes.

Pairing a pleasant glass of wine with the right dish can be a great experience. Ideally, food and wine should balance each other out, without overwhelming the other component.

Here are five perfect pairings:

1.     Chardonnay – In cooler climates, Chardonnay tends to be medium to light bodied. It has delicious notes of apple and pear and pairs beautifully with baked cod or grilled chicken.

2.     Pinot Noir – Earthier and fruit infused versions of pinot noir pair well with dishes such as mushroom tagliatelle or Beef Bourguignon.

3.      Bacchus – Taste characteristics for Bacchus contain wonderful elderflower paired with herbaceous notes. Bacchus goes perfectly with scallops or creamy dishes such as spaghetti carbonara.

4.     Pinot Meunier – With a forest fruit kick, Pinot Meunier has notes of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. It can be paired with roasted duck, or butternut squash.

5.      Ortega – Known for its sweetness, Ortega has a zesty lemon flavour with floral notes. It pairs exceptionally well with oysters or fresh goat’s cheese.

From chardonnay to pinot Meunier, the wine suggestions mentioned are perfect for honouring English Wine Week.

Combining wine and food can be one of the greatest culinary pleasures. So, if you’re hosting a dinner party or perhaps you’re trying to impress your partner, these pairings can provide a new and exciting dining experience.

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