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Hydration hacks: how to make water work better

In the current heatwave, we should all be reaching for our eight glasses of water per day, but according to neuropsychologist, podcast host and Founder of UNBroken, Dr Rachel Taylor, plain H2O can be improved.

“Water has a tough surface tension. Adding something such as a slice of fruit to your water helps to break this surface tension, meaning that water is quicker to react with your body’s cells – in short, this means water will hydrate you more efficiently. This is especially important if you have any underlying viruses or bacteria in your body – water can be quite tricky to absorb properly.”

Dr Rachel Taylor’s top recommendations to add to water include: cucumber, coconut, lemon, mint or strawberries. “Cucumber is especially good as it contains electrolytes,” she adds, and she suggests filtering tap water.

She also recommends eating food that has a high percentage of water, such as ham, watermelon, courgettes as a way of ensuring optimum hydration.

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