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Scottish Distillers Matugga Offer a Masterclass in Rum Production at SpiritFEST

On a mission to produce a maverick range of artisan rums, Livingston-based distillers Matugga use the finest ingredients from Africa, the roots of Jamaica’s rum making traditions and blend them alongside craftsmanship and distilling techniques that have been finely honed within Scotland. We are delighted that these experts in artisanal rum production will be hosting a Rum Masterclass on Thursday 3rd November as part of the Stirling SpiritFEST.

Created through small-batch copper pot distillation, Matugga rum is ideal for those looking for greater authenticity and genuine depth of flavour. Their rums are uncompromising on quality and meticulously crafted from scratch by Head Distiller Paul and Distiller Drew, using only the finest ingredients.

UK craft rum is a relatively new market and Matugga are re-writing the rulebook as they push the boundaries of what has gone before. This approach leads to new and exciting rums that offer surprising flavour and character in every bottle. At the rum masterclass, guests will be able to enjoy and explore Matugga through a range of unique drams, after sampling a tropical welcome cocktail on arrival.

With ties to their family’s land in Matugga, Uganda, the business shares a common desire to support the livelihoods of sugar cane growers in East Africa. With this at the forefront of their thought process, they are developing a sugar cane plantation that will employ and train local agricultural workers. By harvesting cane from their land and converting it into high quality distilling molasses, Matugga Distillers will also become a genuine “Cane to Cask” rum producer.

Jacine Rutasikwa, co-founder of Matugga Distillers, spoke of her excitement at hosting the masterclass: “We jumped at the chance to be part of this growing festival and showcase our Scottish craft rums in what is an exponentially expanding UK rum market. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!”

To book a place at the rum masterclass, click here: https://stirlingspiritfest.com/event/rum-masterclass/

To find out more about Matugga distillery and their range of rum products, visit their website: https://www.matuggarum.com/

A full list of events as part of the Stirling SpiritFEST is available here: https://stirlingspiritfest.com/

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