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New browser extension makes food shopping for allergy-sufferers quicker and easier

FoodLama is a brand new browser extension that finds you the food that suits your dietary preferences, allergies and intolerances. It’s much easier than searching through ingredient lists or “free-from” sections, as it’s automatic, integrated into Google, and fits into the way you already shop.

FoodLama unveils a newfound life where everyone is in control of what they eat and can easily discover food options that perfectly suit their preferences and dietary requirements.

Online shopping can be a tiresome task when you have several members of the family with different dietary preferences. FoodLama chooses products that are perfect for your household, taking the stress out of ingredients lists. Whether it’s specific allergies or simply dietary preferences, you can set the diet choices for everyone in your household by adding FoodLama’s free and easy extension to your web browser.

Founded by 18-year-old prodigy entrepreneur, Santiago Schmitt, and Damilare Ogunleye, a long-standing marketing and e-commerce expert; the duo came up with the idea of FoodLama due to Santiago’s own food intolerances (corn and nut). They wanted to find an easier way to help people shop online for food products that were suitable for all members of the family or household, taking into account any intolerances, allergies and dietary preferences.

How it Works

Simply add FoodLama’s free and easy extension to your web browser. Once in place, you can continue shopping on your preferred retailer’s site. FoodLama lets you know what you can or can’t buy while you shop. For products that don’t match your household’s pre-set preferences, FoodLama will make the best substitute recommendations, unlocking a new world of food that you may have been unaware of.

Founder Santiago Schmitt says: “Having lived with a food intolerance since birth I found the variety of foods available to me to be underwhelming, the same and boring. I wanted to create something that people with specific dietary requirements could trust to show them different foods they can eat, and for this to be accessible for the whole household. Usually, when browsing a supermarket for gluten free or dairy free for example, you’ll just be driven to the free from selection. However, there’s actually tonnes of items which you can still eat which aren’t within the free from range.“

FoodLama highlights those items for you without the need to go through and painstakingly read every item’s list of ingredients. We hope FoodLama will become every family’s best friend, I mean who doesn’t enjoy trying and liking new foods?”

FoodLama is available to download now and is compatible with Google Chrome.

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