Ranger rum arrives with a splash!

The first batch of John Paul Jones’ eagerly anticipated new Ranger white rum has arrived and critics are already lauding its launch with high praise.

Introduced to complement JPJ’s acclaimed first expression, Lowland Rum, released in 2021, the equally special Ranger boasts a similarly sophisticated flavour profile, but is notably lighter in character and appearance.

Ensuring the touch of salinity for which JPJ is renowned, Ranger is again steeped in spiral wrack seaweed, hand-picked from the shores of south west Scotland where the legendary naval captain John Paul Jones grew up almost 300 years ago. This time, however, the pioneering spirit is botanically flavoured with slices of apple and lime to give it a lighter, citrus forward profile. Ranger has been designed specifically to be drunk with tonic water, perfectly served with an apple garnish and a sprig of rosemary for true adventurers.

As a result, while JPJ’s oak-aged, dark Lowland Rum is closer in feel and taste to a premium whisky or brandy, Ranger has been created to appeal more to traditional gin and vodka drinkers – a factor already fully appreciated by renowned drinks TV expert and presenter Tom Surgey in his official tasting notes.

Having praised Ranger’s unique aroma profile, Surgey concludes: ‘This is a rum made for tonic – a perfect partner; more energy and verve than a classic G&T. I’ll have another!’

With the introduction of Ranger – which takes its name from one the most famous ships commanded by John Paul Jones in the US Continental Naval – JPJ is doubling its mission to change people’s perceptions of what’s often been an under-appreciated spirit.

“Too often spiced rums are pumped full of sugar and artificial flavourings which has eclipsed the spirit’s potential,” explained Finnian Gill, Co-Founder and Master of Flavours at JPJ. “We are taking rum in a new direction by using natural ingredients to prove it can be an exceptional and complex drink in its very own right.”

Spurred on by the swashbuckling heroics of its seafaring namesake, the bold approach and passionate inspiration of trailblazing JPJ has already seen Lowland Rum take the spirits world by storm, proving to be a hit amongst drinks aficionados. Now the arrival of Ranger will broaden the pioneering brand’s spiralling appeal.

The first batch of Ranger – bottled at 37.5% ABV – is priced at £35.00 and available via the ‘shop’ navigation on the official website. The latest batch of Lowland Rum is still available at £38.00 and free delivery is offered for all orders of more than £50.

The website also encourages visitors to discover the full story of John Paul Jones and to explore – and mail order from – the comprehensive range of JPJ rums, glasses and gift packs.

John Paul Jones will also be exhibiting at the forthcoming Spirit of Christmas Fair staged at Olympia in London from 31 October to 6 November.

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