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Long Live the Rainforest! The Flower Farm, Palm-Oil Free Margarine with a Mission, Launches in the UK

100% Plant-based Margarine Seeks to Save the Tropical Rainforest from Palm-Oil Plantations

The Flower Farm, a new palm oil-free margarine on a mission to save the tropical rainforest from deforestation, is available to buy now in Booths stores in the UK.

Unlike traditional margarines, which include up to 50 per cent palm oil, The Flower Farm is created using Shea butter, to help combat the catastrophic deforestation required to fulfil palm oil demand.

People power can play a fundamental role in the fight against rainforest destruction. By switching to a palm-oil free margarine, one UK family of four people can save up to 17kg of palm in just ONE year – the equivalent of 44 square metres of palm oil plantation[1].



Palm oil, found in over half of all supermarket products, is one of the world’s biggest causes of rainforest deforestation. Around 85 per cent of palm oil is produced unsustainably, with millions of hectares of rainforest in Asia systematically burned by to make way for oil palm plantations.

This is not only damaging for the environment, but is also the leading cause of orangutan extinction, with up to 5,000 orangutans killed each year in palm oil concessions[2].

This is simply not sustainable. Known as the “lungs of the world” due to their contribution in the absorption of carbon dioxide, the rainforest is responsible for more than 80 per cent of the earth’s biodiversity.

With palm oil demand predicted to treble from 75 million tons to 264 million tons per year in the next 25 years[3], more than 30 million hectares of additional rainforest will be destroyed for plantations. It does not need to be this way.



Renowned for its health benefits, the Shea butter used in The Flower Farm’s production is extracted from the nuts of the Karité tree, 2 billion of which grow naturally in the African Savannah, with no deforestation required.

As a result, The Flower Farm has saved approximately 560,000kg of palm oil, which would have taken 1.5 million square metres of palm oil plantation to produce[4].

The Flower Farm was founded by Marcel van Wing, after witnessing first-hand the destruction of the tropical rainforest. Marcel said:

“The Flower Farm grew out of my personal love for the rainforest. I lived in Indonesia for four years and saw with my own eyes the devasting damage to the rainforest for the construction of palm oil plantations. And yet still, this continues.

 “The rainforest is the basis of everything global nature needs. If we want to preserve the planet for future generations, we have to act now. Using palm oil-free products is a small step, but it’s a good place to start. Hopefully one day I can tell my children that I have done something positive to tackle rainforest deforestation.”


Made using shea butter, sunflower oil, lemon juice and carrot juice, with a pinch of sea salt and vitamins A and D, The Flower Farm is a delicious, vegan margarine which is 100% plant-based, free from palm-oil, gluten, lactose, and cow’s milk protein.

Perfect for baking, frying, and spreading, The Flower Farm margarine can be purchased in 450g tubs, with a light option also available.

Stockist: Booths

RRP: £2.95



The Flower Farm is a member of the Global Shea Alliance, a non-profit organisation dedicated to shea sustainability. It also supports Orangutan Rescue, a non-profit which focuses on relocating endangered orangutans to a safe area of rainforest.

For more information, visit www.theflowerfarm.world or find The Flower Farm on Instagram @wijzijntheflowerfarm.

[1] For more information on how this has been calculated this, visit www.theflowerfarm.world

[2] Source: www.orangutan.org/palmoil

[3] source USDA, 2019

[4] Data correct as of July 2022

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