Stirling Distillery Launch New Winter Gin for 2022

Stirling Distillery, situated in the shadow of Stirling Castle, is launching its seasonal Winter Gin at this year’s Stirling Gin Festival.

At 46% APV, the 2022 batch of Winter Gin is better than ever. The distillery has tweaked the flavour to include enhanced cinnamon notes and increased the maceration time of the apples picked from distillery owners’ June and Cameron McCann’s family apple tree. These changes have given this year’s batch more depth and warming notes.

On the nose there is a full hit of warming spices, with a delicious taste of apple strudel.  Serve with tonic and garnish with some orange peel and a cinnamon stick, mix with spicy ginger beer and a slice of apple or serve as a gin hot toddy. This is an ideal drink for the cold autumn and winter nights and is sure to warm your cockles.

June McCann spoke of the new batch “We are delighted with the modifications we’ve made to this year’s Winter Gin – a warm summer produced lots of great apples for us. This will definitely be our gin of choice over the winter”.

In keeping with Stirling Distillery’s approach to celebrating local history and folklore,  the Winter Gin bottle features the beast of Stirling – the wolf.  According to folklore, when Stirling locals were under attack from the Vikings, the wolves would howl to alert the townsfolks in time to save the town.

Currently, on pre-order only, gin lovers can get their hands on the first bottles of the 2022 run at this year’s Stirling Gin Festival, held this Saturday 5th November at the Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling. The afternoon session is sold out but there are still some tickets available for the evening session. Tickets can be bought here.

Pre-Order Stirling Distillery’s Winter Gin here: https://stirlingdistillery.com/shop/stirling-winter-gin/

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