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Whole Supp – The vegan, nutritiously complete smart food shaking up the market

It can be tricky to feed yourself nutritious meals and snacks while on the go without breaking the bank. Many of us end up skipping meals or suppressing our hunger with coffees and sugary snacks instead of fuelling ourselves to keep going throughout the day. Founder of Whole Supp, Darren O’Reilly, together with Dr Brian Carson PhD, have specially formulated their plant-based, Superfood meals and snacks in powder form – so you can get all the nutrition you need to stay energised on the go.

Whole Supp can be consumed in its simplest form as a shake or you can get creative and turn it into easy pancakes or add it so smoothies, doing this ensured that you are getting a nutritionally complete meal no matter what you want to eat. The Whole Supp team promote that the Smart Food should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and as an aid to a healthy lifestyle. They created Whole Supp to help you stay healthy without compromising on time or spending a fortune!

Their Smart Food formulation is vegan friendly, mixed with 2 types of plant proteins and packed with 30 vitamins and minerals. Delivering complete Omega 3,6, 9 including DHA/EPA and the perfect balance of macro and micronutrients. At £2 per meal serving or £1 per snack serving, Whole Supp is the perfect alternative to sugary drinks or bars that have low nutritional value and cost double the amount.

Committed to sustainability, Whole Supp deliver their meals in plastic-free, recyclable containers and use compostable packaging where possible to reduce harm on the environment. Not only does Whole Supp taste great in both their chocolate and vanilla flavours, but the ingredients are also responsibly sourced, and their recipes are designed carefully to prevent food waste.

While we are all becoming busier, it’s important to keep your focus on wellness and nourishing your body from the inside out. Whole Supp meals are available on as a one-off purchase for RRP £29.99 or subscribe and save 10%.

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