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Desperate for dairy: cheese-lovers prayers answered

  • Veganuary participants miss cheese more than anything
  • Celebrating a revolutionary plant-based alternative to cheese, comedy duo joins Cathedral City to show how an award-winning product can make even the unlikeliest food pairings into something surprising
  • John Robins and Robin Allender have partnered with Cathedral City Plant Based to road-test and roast the ten weirdest cheese-on-toast pairings from across the globe Cathedral City, the UK’s number one cheese brand has partnered with comedic duo John Robins and Robin Allender, to celebrate its plant-based alternative to cheese range this Veganuary.

    With 2 in 5 missing cheese the most during Veganuary Cathedral City’s ‘Plant Based Cheese on Toast Roast’ will show how a great core ingredient can make even the oddest food combinations something special.

    John and Robin, hosts of the popular ‘Moon Under Water’ podcast, will be putting the nation’s most bizarre recipes to the test. From fruity fusions to crisps on toast, the duo will test the public’s top choices and give their verdict on the combinations.

    Tune into John Robin’s Instagram page, @nomadic_revery, on 24th January at 6pm to see the duo react to some of the most unusual cheese on toast flavour combinations, using Cathedral City Plant Based, including:

    1. Bananas and cheese on toast
    2. Grilled cheese donut
    3. Peanut butter and cheese on toast
    4. Mincemeat and cheese toastie
    5. Cheese and Frazzles on toast
    6. Jam and cheese on toast
    7. Lasagne toastie
    8. Grilled cheese and chocolate toastie
    9. Pickled pineapple and Sriracha toastie
    10. Marmite and cheese on toast

    Neil Stewart, Head of Marketing for Cathedral City said, “We’re excited to be partnering with John and Robin to showcase the weird and wonderful cheese-on-toast combinations the UK has to offer and demonstrate that plant-based alternatives don’t have to mean sacrificing taste, texture or quality.

    “Our plant-based range is a delicious option for our consumers and we want to show how it can make even the oddest of food combinations into something special!”

    Cathedral City’s plant-based alternative to cheese is unrivalled, and even secured awards at the Plant Based Taste Awards 2022 as the best Plant Based alternative to cheese, and in The Grocer Top Products Survey 2022 under the cheese category, beating all other plant-based and dairy cheese within this group.

    Cathedral City’s plant-based range is widely available in block, slices, and grated across the UK in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Amazon Fresh and will be available in Morrisons later this month.

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