Coffee shop offers readers chance to win book….signed by Al Capone

Enjoy a variety of Al Capone-worthy blends at Chicago’s Big Al Coffee on St. Valentine’s Day. Purchasers, particularly those interested in the gangster’s reign as Chicago’s most notorious crime boss, have an incentive to buy.

There’s a new coffee in town.

The new online java seller is holding a raffle with a criminally-attractive prize. The winner will receive a rare copy of Al Capone: A Biography of a Self-Made Man, a book that documents the rise and fall of the historic mobster.
The book isn’t hard to find, but this copy is special. It’s signed by Al Capone himself and the signature was forensically tested, authenticated, and verified to be genuine. The notorious book was originally purchased in Hollywood from the estate of Clark Gensler, collector of over 10,000 rare autographs. The lucky winner will be announced on the Chicago’s Big Al website on August 22, 2023 – the date Capone was transferred to Alcatraz in 1934.
Each bag of Chicago’s Big Al you purchase gets you an entry into the raffle. But you don’t have to be a coffee drinker to try your luck. Just send an open postcard to the address on the website with your name, address, phone number, and email.
Coffee You Can’t Refuse 
Based in California, Chicago’s Big Al Coffee offers a variety of blends, some named after prisons Capone did time in. They roast their top-tier beans the same day they’re ordered and ship them within two to five days. Head over to their products page to find your perfect blend.
While you’re on the website, check out pictures of the signed book you could win along with some other candid shots. The gangster and bootlegger enjoyed his famous Southside gin cocktail. But being Italian, what he really loved was a good cup of coffee – you can see that on the site in a rare 1931 picture of him with a cup of espresso in Cuba. You can also get a glimpse of his luxurious jail cell.
With Americans consuming over 400 million cups of java every day, Capone would certainly be in the coffee business if he was still around. But Chicago’s Big Al is happy to do the work for him.

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