Raise A Glass: Valentine’s Day Movie-Inspired Cocktails

Wren Kitchens has revealed five delicious cocktails inspired by your favourite romantic movies There were almost 10,000 Google searches for “valentine’s day cocktails” last February, an increase of +40% vs pre-pandemic levels More broadly, searches for “valentine’s day ideas at home” have more than doubled since pre-pandemic.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many couples throughout the country are considering how to celebrate it with their loved one. Our research shows Google searches for “valentine’s day cocktails” reached almost 10,000 searches last February, highlighting the growing trend in couples in the UK trying their hand at cocktail-making on the most-romantic day of the year.

To help couples around the country, Wren Kitchens has created five delightful drinks inspired by the most popular romantic movies that you can make at home.

We teamed up with cocktail experts Christopher Sarens and Ryan Cook from Guilty Bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Right time, right place

(Inspired by Casablanca, 1942)

In French Morocco, a cynical expatriate American café owner is torn between helping his former sweetheart and her fugitive spouse escape the Nazis.


25ml of dark chocolate liqueur
20ml of aromatic liqueur
15ml of coffee liqueur
50ml of espresso
15ml of sugar syrup
Dried rose petals for garnish


Shake with ice and strain

Midnight Shower

(Inspired by Singin’ in the Rain, 1952)

In 1920’s Hollywood, a silent film star falls for a chorus girl just as he and his delusional movie partner are attempting the tough transition to talking pictures.


15ml of gin with glitter powder
15ml of Bleu curacao
7.5ml of Violette liqueur
22.5ml of lemon juice
12ml of cherry syrup
A mini umbrella for garnish


Shake with ice then double strain

The Last Sunrise

(Inspired by Before Sunrise, 1995)

A young man and a young woman meet on a train in Europe and spend one evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both are aware that this will most likely be their only night together.


15ml of vodka
15ml of Irish cream liqueur
15ml of black raspberry liqueur
15ml of doughnut syrup
75ml of pineapple juice
A drizzle of grenadine syrup
Whipped cream for garnish


Shake with ice then strain

Father of the Bride

(Inspired by The Princess Bride, 1987)

While home sick in bed, a young boy’s grandfather reads him the story of a farm boy-turned-pirate who faces numerous problems, rivals, and allies.


22.5ml of cinnamon whisky
15ml of butterscotch liqueur
15ml of spiced rum
50ml of apple juice
20ml of lime juice
15ml of vanilla syrup
A dash of Angostura bitters
A dash of vanilla bitters
Glazed cherry for garnish


Shake with ice then strain

Cherished Memory

(Inspired by Roman Holiday, 1953)

An uninterested and privileged Princess escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome.


42.5ml of gin
7.5ml of wine-based aperitif
2-10ml of brine (depending on preference)
½ a cucumber and 300ml water (blend and add a pinch of salt)
Garnish with lost love notes


Shake with ice then strain

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