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The Institute of Brewing & Distilling launches its first short course for the distilling industry, hospitality sector and spirits lovers

With the Essentials in Distilling course, the IBD reinforces its on-demand learning offeringThe Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) is launching a new entry-level course for the spirits industry.

The Essentials in Distilling course has been specially designed for professionals working in a distillery in supporting roles or in the hospitality sector to educate them on the whole distilling process. It is also perfect as a starting point for anyone with an interest in spirits and no experience in the industry.

The course provides a multimedia and interactive introduction to the different spirits produced worldwide and the processes used to make them.

The learning content includes insights into the raw materials used to make spirits and how they are processed, fermented and distilled to produce the different types of spirits. It comprises modules on cereal, molasses, grape and agave spirits along with a module on gin and vodka.

Learners can proceed through the course at their own pace and enjoy engaging text, illustrations and interactive videos. The understanding of the learning material is assessed throughout the course using activities and multiple-choice quizzes.

The course also offers downloadable PDF summaries of the learning material for future reference.

At the end of the course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion from the IBD, the world’s most recognised learning provider in the drinks industry.

On this launch, Tom Shelston, IBD Chief Executive Officer, explained:

“We aim to offer high-quality education to anyone who wants to know more about the basics of how spirits are produced. Essentials in Distilling is a great addition to our new selection of short, on-demand and self-assessed courses. The interactive and multimedia content makes the distilling process accessible to all types of learners at an affordable price”.

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